Yammer Full Feature List

We offer a wide set of features to help you and your team get work done. Share files online, locate popular documents with Quick Access, and do more, faster, with Yammer.

Work Better Together – in Groups


From departmental communications to your next campaign launch or company event, set up a Group in seconds for any team, project or interest.

Related Groups

Add and prioritize groups related to the ones you’ve already joined so coworkers can discover even more relevant people, content and conversations.


Share an announcement with a group to instantly notify members of important updates. Admins can pin Announcements to a group for easy discovery.

Quick Access

Locate the most viewed and edited files, notes and links in any group from the Quick Access module.

Share Your Knowledge

User Profiles

Upload a picture, fill in contact details and list your expertise. Profiles aggregate all your information, including conversations and files.


Reach across the company to find the experts you need. Because Expertise is instantly searchable, useful information can be found on demand.

Member Directory

Browse the Member Directory to find people on your team and coworkers from across the company.

Org Chart

Add managers and reports to create a company org chart together with your coworkers. Org Chart information automatically appears on profiles.


Give and receive recognition for a job well done. Accomplishments and badges appear on profiles in the Praise tab.


Identify influential coworkers in your network. Leaderboards display people with the most messages, replied-to messages, and liked messages.

Join the Conversation


Use the publisher to share an update, add a document, post a poll, praise someone or post an event.


Notify other coworkers and loop them into a conversation by @mentioning their name.

Online Now

See who’s online and instantly start a private discussion with one or more co-workers. The contact list is automatically sorted by the people you interact with most.

Private Messages

Start a private dialogue with one or more coworkers. You can add more participants at any time.

Share Conversations

Share conversations to another group’s feed or via a private message to relay information and important messages.


Easily create a poll to survey coworkers and gather feedback from others to inform your decision-making.

Global Communication

Select from 26 languages (including right to left message composition and readability) to seamlessly communicate with your global coworkers.

Share Files Online


Share Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images and videos across teams and get feedback right away. Upload new versions to ensure everyone sees the latest draft and access older versions at any time.


Draft content, collect notes and create wikis with your team members right inside Yammer and see character-by-character changes in real time.

Recent Changes

At a glance, view all the edits made to a document by each collaborator in the Recent Changes pane. Revert to a previous version at any time.

Email a File

Easily and securely email documents directly from your team workspace. Provide access to a file or Note with a secure, one-time URL and revoke viewing rights at any time.

Official Content

Mark files and Notes as official and read-only. Official Content appears higher in search results and content directories for easy access.

Stay Organized with Inbox


Inbox automatically aggregates your @mentions, group announcements, conversations and private messages so you can easily prioritize responses.

Read & Unread Messages

See unread and read messages in one split view to help prioritize and manage the items in your Inbox.

Mark Unread

Mark messages and announcements as unread to follow up later. Unread items appear at the top of your Inbox so it’s easy to stay organized.

Follow & Stop Following in Inbox

Track any Yammer conversation in Inbox to receive notifications about new replies. Stop following a conversation at any time to remove it from Inbox.

Send & Reply

Send new private messages, reply to conversations or post an update to a group directly from Inbox.

Inbox Search

Search across your entire Inbox to quickly find conversations, private messages and announcements.

Discover What You Need


Stay on top of relevant conversations, files and projects happening across the company. Feeds let you quickly engage in conversations, @mention coworkers to loop them into a discussion and preview documents.


Discover what your coworkers are working on as it happens. Ticker shows you activity stories happening in real time, including page edits, file uploads and updates made in other business applications.


Tag content with topics to help others quickly find related messages, files, Notes and more by adding a hashtag (#) before the word or by searching for existing topics.

Universal Search

Full-text search lets you quickly find files, Notes, conversations, people and data across your Yammer network and integrated business apps.

Instant Type-Ahead

Suggested search results appear as you type to help you find what you need faster. Results are categorized by people, groups, files, Notes, topics and applications.

Communicate Externally

External Networks

Create a dedicated online workspace to collaborate with business contacts outside of your company’s Yammer network.

Fast Network Switching

Seamlessly switch between internal and external networks. Easily monitor conversations within external networks and immediately share insights with your company’s internal network.

Yammer Platform

Ticker Integration

Discover activities taking place in real time across existing business applications. Ticker dramatically accelerates the distribution of information through your network.


Whether it’s a SharePoint file, Zendesk ticket or Salesforce record, every object shared to Yammer has a dedicated Page that employees can follow and discuss.

Yammer Connect Login

Add the Login Button to your business applications so users can easily register and log in with their Yammer accounts.

Embeddable Feeds

A simple code snippet lets you easily embed any Yammer feed into your business application.

Like & Follow Buttons

Add Like & Follow buttons to your business applications so employees can engage with objects outside of Yammer.

Browser Extension

Install the Yammer Chrome Extension to share any link or see existing conversations in your company network directly from your browser.

Activity Stream API

Integrate existing enterprise business applications by adding data to the social graph. Drive discovery of activities taking place across all your existing business applications.

Admin & Security

Custom Network Branding

Bring the look and feel of your company to your Yammer network. Network admins can upload a company logo and image to create a custom masthead design.

User Management

Easily manage access to your company network. Yammer lets you sync with directories you already use, add or remove users – individually or in bulk – invite guests to your network and appoint other admins.

Directory Sync

Standardize user profile data across multiple systems. User additions, deletions and profile information can be automatically synced from an existing company directory.

Data Export

Manage and export network data according to company policies with a single click. You can also schedule daily or weekly data exports to meet legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Keyword Monitoring

Monitor keywords to track sensitive content. When a user posts a message that includes a monitored keyword or phrase, all Verified Admins are notified.

Network Analytics

Gain insights from network analytics to find out how employees are using Yammer. From usage metrics to member statistics, identify ways to drive growth and increase the value of your network.

Company Resources

Add important files, Yammer Notes and links to give employees quick access to company resources like HR policies, benefits information or holiday calendars.

Single Sign-On

Make it seamless and easy for employees to access Yammer. Yammer automatically logs in employees based on existing authentication mechanisms.

Password Policies

Set requirements for how long and complex employee passwords must be and how frequently they should be changed.

Session Management

See the devices users are logged into and log them out if needed.

Logical Firewall

Restrict your Yammer network to a specific IP range so that Yammer is only accessible at designated physical locations.

Usage Policy

Set a custom usage policy for your company's network and require users to accept it.

Activity Stream Keys

Connect existing enterprise applications to Yammer in a few simple steps. Drive discovery of activities taking place in existing business applications.

App Directory

Connect all of your business applications with Yammer for a single social layer that drives productivity across your entire company. Visit the App Directory to see what apps are available.

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