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Change the Way You Work

Yammer has a full range of features to help you listen to your customers, adapt to meet their needs, and grow your business.

Work Better Together – in Groups

Cut back on meetings and email chains. Work together in a Yammer Group: a flexible, collaborative workspace for teams to get work done wherever, whenever. Discuss project deadlines, share the latest files, gather feedback – and more.

Set up a Group in seconds for any team, project or interest. Streamline departmental communications, collaborate on a campaign launch or organize your next company event with a Group.

Groups can be public or private.

Follow topics and projects that interest you and stay on top of the latest activity by joining groups. Browse the Group directory, discover Related Groups or see what groups your coworkers have joined.

Add coworkers to the groups you’re in and start collaborating right away.

Share Your Knowledge

Yammer gives you a voice to share your knowledge and skills with others so you can make the most out of what you know. It starts with your Yammer profile. Complete your profile so coworkers can discover who you are, what you’re working on and how you can work together.

Upload a picture, fill in contact details and write a little something about yourself. You’ll be working with people from all over the company so it’s important for them to know who you are.

Fill out your expertise to share your skills and knowledge. Because expertise is instantly searchable, you and your coworkers can easily find each other – and the right people to get answers.

Browse the Member Directory to find people on your team and coworkers across the company – even on the go. With Yammer, all the people you need are just a click or tap away.

Join the Conversation

Some of the best ideas come from spontaneous conversations, with people you never expected. That’s why Yammer is built around open communication – where people work in the open, conversations only happen in private when they need to and everyone benefits from shared information.

Use the publisher to share what you’re working on – an update for your current project, a problem or question or a link to an interesting article.

Choose who you think should see a message by @mentioning them. Other people in your network can see the information as well and loop more people into the conversation.

See who’s online and instantly start a private discussion with one or more coworkers.

The contact list is automatically sorted by the people you interact with most.

Document Collaboration –
Without the Pain

Store all your files in one place and create, share and discuss content without ever leaving your browser. Mark files and Notes as official to make them read-only and to let others know they’re important.

Share Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images and videos across teams and get instant feedback. Upload new versions so the latest draft is visible to everyone and access older versions at any time.

Draft content, collect notes and create wikis with your team members – right inside Yammer. Edit Notes with coworkers and see character-by-character changes in real time.

See all the discussions happening around a file or Note in one place. Below every file and Note is a feed that lets you catch up on the latest feedback or review past conversations.

Discover What You Need

Everyone holds a wealth of information – expertise in a specific area, content created for a project or insights from previous experiences. Yammer lets you discover things you wouldn’t have found otherwise: the right people, documents and conversations you need to get your best work done.

Delivering the most relevant conversations from across your network, the Home feed lets you discover important information and stay on top of the latest activity.

Discover what your coworkers are working on – right when it happens. Ticker shows you activity stories happening in real time, including edits to Notes, file uploads and updates made in other business applications.

Browse related content to discover even more information once you’ve finished reviewing a document, replying to a discussion or working in a group.

Find everything you need – including information in other business applications – without leaving Yammer. Whether it’s a company expert, Dynamics CRM opportunity, design file or recent conversation, you can find it all from a single search bar.

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