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All Your Business Apps. One Social Experience.

The Yammer Platform connects people, conversations and data from different business applications, creating a single social experience for everyone – no matter what app they use.

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Introducing the Enterprise Graph

People, conversations, and data all come together in Yammer’s Enterprise Graph, a single mapping of everything employees encounter at work. Yammer surfaces information in meaningful ways so that users can discover and collaborate on anything in a single location.

Every day, people perform a variety of tasks within business applications. The Open Graph protocol helps us understand these day-to-day activities in a structured way: an actor performs an action on an object.

But because business systems often don’t – or can’t – talk to each other, information stays siloed within individual applications.

Yammer uses Open Graph to bring all of this information together in a single location. With the Enterprise Graph, users can discover data in other systems and see a full picture of what’s happening across their organization.

Make Your Business Data Social

Your data lives across many different business applications. Make it social by surfacing activity from existing apps into Yammer. By pulling data into a single place, information becomes instantly discoverable, meaningful and actionable.

Discover activities happening in real time across different business applications. Ticker rapidly distributes information throughout your network.

Search across Yammer and existing business applications like Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, or Spigit. Universal Search lets employees find everything they need to get work done from a single search bar.

Whether it’s a Zendesk ticket or Microsoft Dynamics opportunity, every object shared to Yammer has a dedicated Page that employees can follow and discuss. Like a user profile, Pages show – at a glance – all of the latest activity related to an object.

Social Everywhere. Minus the Sprawl.

Bring Yammer’s social functionality to the business applications your employees already use – without separate profiles, feeds and connections for each system. Yammer’s embeddable plug-ins allow employees to use a single identity and access the same conversations and social tools across different apps.

By adding the Login Button to your business applications, users can easily register and log in with their Yammer accounts. Employees can use a single identity across all their applications and bring their profile information to whatever app they use.

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Easily embed Yammer feeds to your existing business applications with a simple code snippet. Any feed can be embedded, such as a feed for the HR group to your company intranet, or a feed for a specific record right into Salesforce.

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With Like & Follow buttons, employees can engage with objects outside of Yammer. When someone likes an object, an update is shared to Yammer. When someone follows an object, Yammer understands that it’s relevant to the employee and surfaces new activity and related content.

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Conversations about anything online are just a click away with the Yammer Chrome Extension. Users can share any link to the company network by clicking on the Yammer icon in their browser. If there’s already a conversation about a web page, they’ll get a notification so they can jump right into the discussion.

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Yammer App Directory

Make existing apps social to boost engagement and empower employees to find other useful apps. With the App Directory, employees can browse and connect business apps with Yammer on their own.

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