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Upcoming Events

Click here to see a calendar of upcoming training events, including live sessions and programs to get you certified as an enterprise social expert.


The Yammer Certification Program offers structured courses to transform you into an enterprise social expert – so you can nurture a healthy and engaged network. You’ll learn how to promote best practices, improve employee engagement and identify use cases to streamline business processes.

Written Guides

We offer these short guides to help educate you and your coworkers about the value of Yammer. To drive engagement in your network, share these resources with your coworkers and leadership – either through email, your company Intranet or in a Yammer group like your network’s Yammer Help Group.

  • Create a Yammer Help Group

  • Use this guide to create and manage a Yammer Help group, a key forum for your coworkers to ask questions, access resources and learn about Yammer.

  • Yammer Training Guide

  • This guide provides materials useable during formal trainings about Yammer features and use cases. Before any Yammer training session, be sure to create a Yammer Training group, where participants can interact with Yammer during the training.

  • New User Checklist

  • Use this simple checklist to help new users get set up on Yammer. This handout walks users through the basics of setting up a profile, following coworkers and joining groups.

  • 31 Days of Yammer

  • Check out this guide to find out about how to execute a month-long Yammer engagement campaign, a particularly powerful way to nurture and maintain a thriving network.


View these videos to learn more about individual Yammer features. Share them with your network to educate your team. For even more videos, check out the Yammer Vimeo Channel.

Further Information

  • Yammer Blog

    The Yammer Blog is your source for ongoing industry-related news, tips and tricks for working social, information about key product updates and new features, as well as success stories shared by Yammer customers.

  • Customer Success Stories

    Review our customer stories and testimonials to help you explore the ways that Yammer can be used in your organization. Customers across the globe are using Yammer in unique ways to connect and engage their employees.