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Here's a snapshot of what we're building right now. We design new features with you in mind, testing every step of the way to measure how our changes affect you. Successful features get released to everyone, while others may go back to the shop for more work. As we refine our product, you can expect a lot of change, and some ideas might not make it to full release. Nevertheless, our commitment to delivering a powerful workplace collaboration tool will always be the same.

Find out more about our responsive, data-driven approach to product development – and what that means for you. For more detailed information about our current, high-impact features, check out our site.

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A specification for this feature has been completed.


The project has been kicked off for development.


Development of the feature is underway.


Development of the feature is almost complete.


The first iteration has been completed, and is being tested on a subset of users.


The test results have shown a positive impact and the feature has been released to all users.


The test results did not show a sufficient positive impact, and the feature will not be released.

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Current Releases

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