01 May

A New Way to Share Ideas: Introducing Spigit ICON

By in Product Updates on May 1, 2012

Today we are thrilled to announce an integration with Spigit’s ICON platform, a new crowdsourcing tool that gives employees a quick way to tap their coworkers for ideas, knowledge and feedback. ICON is available via email sign up or with Yammer Connect, so our mutual users can also to log into ICON using their Yammer credentials, bringing their Yammer identity and profile information with them.

The integration publishes realtime activity stories from ICON — such as new ideas, challenges, votes and comments — in Yammer’s Ticker. This way, employees are exposed to their colleagues’ ideas in the social context of Yammer, where they can easily collaborate around this new information. A company culture that fosters openness and ideation is a company ripe for innovation, and we’re thrilled to join forces with Spigit to offer greater idea-sharing capabilities for our mutual customers.

Here’s how ICON works:

Solve questions that matter – any employee can pose a question or challenge and get immediate feedback from coworkers.


Decide what’s hot and what’s not – contrary to typical voting mechanisms every idea in ICON gets equal assessment as coworkers and employees engage in a pair-wise comparison game of hot or not with comments on your idea.  The solutions the crowd finds valuable then bubble to the top of the leaderboard.

Give and you will receive – users can earn points and top leaderboard status by posting challenges, voting, commenting and “gifting.”

To learn more, visit icon.spigit.com or https://www.yammer.com/about/applications.


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