05 Sep

How Adecco Medical Used Yammer to Strengthen Human Resource Solutions

By in Customer Stories on September 5, 2013

Adecco Medical is the subsidiary of a world-leading, global provider of human resource solutions, Adecco. For more than 45 years, Adecco Medical’s advisory teams in human resources has helped more than 10,000 medical establishments across France (hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, etc.) by recruiting specialized workers.

In this video, the Director General of Operations from Adecco Medical, Jérick Develle, tells us how Yammer was initially introduced to manage collaboration and reduce internal mail during the Asian flu crisis. Though, in no time, Develle and the rest of Adecco Medical realized Yammer had the power to change the way they work for good. Here are some of Develle’s key takeaways from Adecco Medical’s Yammer adoption:

  • Leadership and management can use Yammer to recognize employee efforts, stay up to date on activities in the organization, and broadcast timely info to staff.
  • Taking care of people and increasing employee engagement is paramount to being a great place to work.
  • Yammer enables remote working to keep a pulse on happenings within the company.
  • Yammer accelerated the feedback loop for both clients as well as team members.

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