17 Jun

Boosting Collaboration with Enterprise Social Networking

By in Testimonials on June 17, 2013

Zühlke Group – an independent service provider for software and product engineering, management consulting, and start-up financing, headquartered in Switzerland – is using Yammer for knowledge management and uniting a geographically dispersed workforce.


  • Enhanced communication: Employees connect across teams, departments, and geographic regions – even when working remotely on mobile devices.
  • Stronger engagement: Better connections means deeper business insight for everyone, from the front-line sales team to top executives.
  • Efficient workflow: Employees save time by collaborating in public and private Yammer Groups to pool ideas and resources.
  • Streamlined information sharing: Employees post queries on Yammer and get answers in minutes.
  • Transformed customer relations: Yammer’s External Networks will allow the company to collaborate with clients, cementing ties and dramatically improving service.

Wolfgang Emmerich, CEO and Chairman at Zuhlke Engineering states, “One of the most valuable benefits of using Yammer’s collaboration software is the sense of community the network offers. Employees can collaborate and share ideas, no matter where they are in the world.” And Jörg Dirbach, Chief Knowledge Officer at Zühlke Group sums it up, “Yammer has become such an integral part of our infrastructure, we can’t live without it.”

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