13 Aug

Build Social Enterprise Apps with Yammer Mobile SDKs

By in Product Updates on August 13, 2013

Mobile is transforming the modern workplace. Employees can find answers more easily, make decisions more quickly, and in general, move much faster. Today we are taking another big step in this transformation by enabling developers to build mobile apps on the Yammer Platform.

Here at Yammer Engineering, we believe in moving quickly. This is evident in the Yammer Platform, where developers can rapidly build social enterprise apps. Apps that can scale to Fortune 500-sized companies. To speed up the mobile app development process, we are also releasing Open Source SDKs for iOS and Windows Phone 8.

The SDKs enable you to add Yammer OAuth 2-based authentication to your smartphone and tablet apps. Once authenticated, you can use the SDKs to make REST calls to read/write from the Yammer API, thus integrating the full spectrum of Yammer’s social services into your mobile app.

To start building your Yammer Mobile App, visit the Yammer Developer Site for more information:https://developer.yammer.com/mobile.

2 Responses to Build Social Enterprise Apps with Yammer Mobile SDKs

  1. mike says:

    This is great. Any word on an Android SDK?

  2. It may also advance expectations that those companies with open data sources available to be mined will be able to find ways to monetize their data as an asset in the near future.

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