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Find Information You Need With Universal Search

By in Product Updates on May 3, 2012

With all the different knowledge management tools in use today, companies end up locking away lots of valuable data in information and communication silos across the business. As a result, employees often spend hours searching aimlessly for content stored across multiple apps, file servers, and databases.  This frustrating process leaves a well of untapped knowledge and ultimately slows business down.

With Yammer’s new Universal Search engine, there’s finally a better way for employees to quickly find everything they need in one place.  Now, users can search across applications behind the firewall and in the cloud from a single search bar.  This includes any content created in Yammer, such as conversations, files, groups, and pages. It also includes any relevant information from third party apps like documents from SharePoint or purchase orders from SAP.  Plus, Universal Search uses instant typeahead for faster results – it automatically displays matches as users enter search terms.

Universal Search will:

  • Increase Efficiency: Find what you’re looking for faster. By reducing the need to switch platforms, Universal Search saves time and creates a more fluid, efficient workflow.
  • Enhance Discovery: Uncover relevant information that may have been missed in the past. By surfacing content across applications, Universal Search brings you the most comprehensive results.

Universal Search works with dozens of enterprise applications through simple and secure turnkey integrations. Yammer uses the Open Graph protocol to collect third-party content in a deeper, more structured way than traditional web crawling technology.  To protect your privacy, Yammer also carries over the access rights and permissions set in third-party applications. For example, only users with access to view a file in SharePoint will be able to see that file in Universal Search.

Current integrations include SAP, SharePoint, Salesforce.com, NetSuite, Spigit, TripIt, Badgeville, Zendesk, Expensify, GageIn, Sparqlight, Kindling, Subscribe HR, AffinityLive, UltiPro, and PlanView.  We’ve also recently added six more partnerships to the list:

  • Microsoft Dynamics: Find accounts, opportunities, leads, and more from this CRM software.
  • Perks: Track updates from this incentive provider that motivates, recognizes, and rewards employees.
  • UpMo: Follow the progress of internal mobility from this professional networking technology that helps companies retain their top talent.
  • UserVoice: Surface online feedback and help desk items from this knowledge base software in Yammer.
  • Senexx: Automatically route questions from this intelligence engine to experts and relevant groups on Yammer. Sync profiles with LinkedIn.
  • Sciforma: This project and portfolio management software helps companies track portfolios, projects, resources, and documents.

Our partner ecosystem is growing fast. If the apps you use aren’t on our list, feel free to post requests. To learn more about Universal Search, check out this recording of our webinar:

10 Responses to Find Information You Need With Universal Search

  1. Ramesh D says:

    Please explain or email me more information about “As a result, employees often spend hours searching aimlessly for content stored across multiple apps, file servers, and databases.” Is this mean, it can also search our network folders, when you mean file servers, please give me more details.

    • Maria says:

      With Universal Search, you can search all business apps and data that are connected to Yammer. It’s not going to search anything local on your machine. Does that help?

  2. Tim Farmer says:

    I registered but received no call-in or webinar information with my confirmation. When will I receive the information for next Monday’s webinar?

    • Maria says:

      Tim, have you checked your spam folder? I can check with the webinar folks and see if they have your registration.

  3. Jeff D says:

    Will Universal Search be released in all levels of Yammer? Or just in the versions with admin controls?

    • Maria says:

      Universal search is part of the core platform, and can access all business apps that are connected to Yammer. Many of our integrations are premium only, so the more apps you have connected, the more robust the functionality.

  4. Mark says:

    Just an FYI that your Universal Search webinar, scheduled for Monday, May 21, falls on a Canadian national holiday. Soooooo, you might not get a lot of Canadians tuning in. 😉

    • Maria says:

      Mark: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We notified the webinar team. We won’t be able to move the webinar, and apologize for an unintended exclusion. We will be posting a recording when it’s done, and we hope that you still consider watching it and tuning into future webinars.

  5. Debra says:

    Please post a link to the webinar. I attended today and asked the question during the session, but no one responded :(

    • Maria says:

      Hi Debra, we’ll be posting a link to the webinar shortly. It is not yet available. We will be sending a link with a recording to all registrants also.

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