04 Oct

The Future Of Business Looks Bright Because Of You!

By in Testimonials on October 4, 2011

The space we are in is both challenging and extremely rewarding. If I can get up on a little soapbox, I came to Yammer because I believe that today’s business can’t be competitive and effective externally in social media without being that way on the inside. There’s no way you can innovate with the speed to stay relevant if you aren’t running like a well-oiled machine, if your employees are doing duplicate work and not sharing across functional departments. There’s no way that you can respond to the mounting demands of the social customer in a meaningful way if your “house” is not in order. There’s no way that you can attract and retain the best and brightest employees if they feel like a cog in a machine that doesn’t matter. This I believe, and that’s why I’m here. This is also why each one of us shows up to work at Yammer, and why each one of our users logs onto Yammer.

Together, we believe in a more agile, more competitive and more responsive enterprise. We believe in the inherent value that’s trapped inside companies of all sizes, a value that’s a composite of the individual values of their employees. We believe in tools that save time and money, and yet don’t feel like monotonous “work.” We believe in connecting companies globally, without sacrificing culture. We believe in business apps talking to each other with the intent of better business context and creating better customer experiences. It’s our shared passion.

Our users are the real heroes who tirelessly go after the vision they believe in — a connected and open enterprise, a true meritocracy where contributions matter more than politics. It’s our users who get buy-in from “up top” and all around, leading, educating, nurturing. In my role, I see this passion every day in our community, and it’s humbling to see. It’s not easy to make businesses more social; it takes a blend of the right culture with the right processes, carried out by the right people. Tools and platforms are there to enable, speed up and bring to the forefront what’s already there; if your culture doesn’t allow for the inherent values of social and collaboration, no tool will help you. Changing who you are and what you do is nothing short of transformational, and our users are the ones driving this change.

Capgemini, a long-time user of Yammer and one of our largest networks, posted this amazing story on Slideshare about their Yammer journey. It’s these kinds of stories that inspire and that let us know that we are on to something. It’s these kinds of stories that inspire other companies to become more social. The end user testimonial on page 67 makes it all worth it:

I have been working for Capgemini for 32 years, but I can honestly say that the last years have done more for me in company-binding than the years before. [Yammer] has made me part of a global organisation that was never before possible. And I have spent my time in global teams before.”

Wow! Aptly titled “Glue and Sticking together, this story is created by Tom Barton and Rick Mans, and is embedded below for your reading pleasure.

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