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Inside Scoop: Yammer Certified Power Users

By in Tips & Guides on July 25, 2012

In the fast-changing world of Enterprise Social, a new user may find it overwhelming to keep up with the product and its new features.  Although Yammer comes to most as second nature, providing resources to break it down step-by-step will ensure that users are confident with the product before diving in.  Aiming to support our customers in their learning, engagement and adoption, Yammer Certified Professional Program provides certifications on three different levels: Yammer Certified Power User, Yammer Certified Community Manager, and Yammer Certified Trainer. These certifications allow users to learn advanced Yammer skills, how to promote best practices, and what it takes to be a user on a successful enterprise social network.

Recently, the Yammer Certified Professional Program rolled out their first batch of Certified Power Users. The participants in the first group of Power Users represented many different regions such as the United Kingdom, Latin America, the U.S., and Asia Pacific. After a dynamic and successful course, I decided to ask two of the participants to share their thoughts on the Yammer Certified Power User Program. Here is what they had to say…

Louise Littig: Thank you for your participation. Can you please introduce yourself, tell me what company you work for, and describe your role?

Birgit Schmidt: I work for LexisNexis, a legal and tax information provider, and part of my role as the intranet manager is to act as a social media evangelist.

Josué Ivanobich Molina Rovelo: I work for the editorial, Hablemos Claro, a top magazine publisher in my country, Honduras. I am the Production Manager. I’m in charge of the production flow dealing with content editing, packaging of the magazines, running times, scheduling shifts, prioritizing tasks, keeping everything ready, and in order to print.

LL: How did your company first hear about Yammer?

BS: About 4 years ago we initiated a social networking site and from the response could see that there was potential for this type of engagement, it was obvious that people wanted to share their knowledge with colleagues but it also reached beyond the work remit, we even had a rock fans group! We identified this as a valuable tool for sharing and networking but unfortunately we didn’t have the management buy-in at the time! I’d been looking into micro-blogging and came across several press mentions of Yammer and found that a handful of people had already created and joined the network for LexisNexis. It seemed to me to be exactly what I’d been looking for, a way to provide that 2-way communication channel and added links to it (and every other social networking site) to our homepage. In the meantime we’d had a change of MD and HR director and when I introduced them to it, they recognized how Yammer would help them fulfill their commitment to improving communication in the business.

JM: One of the main tasks I was assigned when I first joined Hablemos Claro was to improve production processes. After analyzing the situation, I concluded that there were issues such as communication problems between teams and no unified mechanism to communicate. This is how I began my quest to find a way for us to use a standard way of communication between the teams. After searching and testing several options, I found Yammer.

LL: Why were you initially interested in Yammer’s Certification Program?

BS:  I was initially interested in the Certification Program out of curiosity. I wanted to be certified! Really, I wanted Yammer to be a success and had started providing tips and support. Having undertaken Power User Certification, I have a much more comprehensive understanding of all the features and besides that, the interactive sessions during the program made you practice the teaching points!

JM: I became interested in Yammer Certification Programs because I wanted to get more out of the network, strengthen my knowledge, and thus be able to teach my colleagues how the network works and the advantage of working online.

LL: What was the most valuable thing you took from the certification program?

JM: What I value most having completed the certification is learning to use the network to the maximum of its possibilities. In particular, I am very comfortable with the empowerment it gives me to know that I can communicate in a fast, modern, and practical way. With this new knowledge, I am a leader and I can guide my colleagues.

LL: Have you implemented any of the knowledge you gained from the Power User Program?

JM: Of course. For example, during the Power User program I successfully implemented Hablemos Claro’s Yammer 101 Group- a group for my colleagues who are not yet familiar with Yammer. In this group my colleagues can learn simple tips and access Yammer-related documents to encourage people to participate more actively.

LL: How has your user experience changed since becoming a Yammer Certified Power User?

BS: Since doing the program, I’ve recommended that we include an “Introduction to Yammer” for all new starters as part of the company induction. I don’t think I would have felt in a position to offer that before the certification and I’ll be designing the session with the help of all the excellent materials on Yammer!

JM: Since I have become a Certified Power User I have felt much more comfortable and confident in what I do. I also know how to teach the rest of my colleagues and give them the support that they need. After completing the program I work faster, I have strengthened my prior knowledge, and it has shown me how to use the network more efficiently than before.

LL: Would you recommend the Yammer Certified Power User Program to your colleagues?

JM: For sure. I recommend it to anyone looking for improve their performance and knowledge on how to become more productive and efficient in the way they use their own network. Each group in each Yammer network should have a Certified Power User.

BS: Yammer is incredibly intuitive to use but I’d definitely recommend the program to anyone whose role it is to promote the use of Yammer or to provide support.

LL: Thank you

Becoming a Certified Power User has benefited Birgit and Josué in the way that they implement and use Yammer in their day-to-day tasks. All certification courses are offered throughout the year.

Want to learn more about the Yammer Certifications? Check out our certifications site!


About Josué Ivanobich Molina Rovelo: Josué was born and lives in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Eight years ago, Josué graduated as Industrial Engineer. Since then he has worked for several national and transnational companies in Honduras, gaining considerable experience in the field of industrial production. He is the production manager of Hablemos Claro, a magazine publisher in Honduras.


About Birgit Schmidt: Birgit lives in the United Kingdom and works for LexisNexis, a legal and tax information provider. She is the intranet manager and part of her role is to act as a social media evangelist.

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    Excellentjob Louise! Very professional, friendy, enthusiastic.

  2. Matt Lester says:

    Great interview. How would a smaller company benefit from the Yammer Certifications?

    • Allison says:

      Hi Matt – Great question! The Certifications help you and your teams feel confident in your skills and business use of Yammer. We actually had a few customers recently go through this that were from very small organization. Being known as the expert and the go-to person to help people integrate Yammer into their workflow showed great adoption and engagement within their networks. Hope to see you in one of our programs!

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