31 Dec

Thank You For An Amazing 2011; Looking Forward To 2012

By in News & Events on December 31, 2011

Today is the last day of 2011, and it’s time to set our sights onto 2012. But before we do that, we wanted to thank all of our customers, users, partners and friends for your support and passion. None of this would’ve been possible without you. Just check out some amazing things our customers have been doing here. Looking forward, we have a daunting and exciting year ahead, and we look forward to building our vision of the Connected Enterprise. Here are some of our New Year’s resolutions:


  1. We will continue on our mission to of creating tools that employees enjoy using, while getting their jobs done and having their voices heard in environments of openness and collaboration.
  2. We will continue to create software that helps companies become truly connected, operating at the Speed of Now.
  3. We will highlight and celebrate the real heroes of enterprise social — our users — who challenge the Status Quo daily. We will continue to bring you their stories on this blog and in other digital spaces.
  4. We will continue to develop the best product possible at a rapid pace, bringing cutting-edge innovation to the workplace.
  5. We will continue to fight against siloed information, connecting the enterprise across departments and bringing decisions closer to information.
  6. We will continue to travel around the world for conferences and Yammer on Tour events, meeting our community face to face.
  7. We will continue to hire bright, passionate individuals who will continue WOW our customers. As we grow, we will never forgo passion and cultural fit to fill roles. Our employees are here because they bleed their passion.
  8. We will continue listening to our community, learning from all of you and creating solutions and content that address today’s challenges.
  9. We will never accept Status Quo. We will always push further. We will never become bloatware.
  10. Working with our customers and partners, together we will re-imagine the workplace of tomorrow.

What are your resolutions for the New Year? How can we help you get there?

To kick off the New Year, we’ll be posting a new tip every day on our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy them and add your own!

What kind of content would you like to see from the Yammer blog next year? What problems can we help you solve?  Let us know in the comments.

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