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Managing an Agency Project with Yammer

By in Tips & Guides on April 5, 2012

Many companies use Yammer to collaborate internally, but sometimes teams need to work with contacts outside of the company. What do you do then? The marketing team at Yammer  recently encountered this challenge when working with an agency to create videos demonstrating the business benefits of Yammer. We decided to use an External Network in Yammer to collaborate with the agency. As a result, we were able to easily share files and submit feedback, while keeping multiple people in the loop throughout the project. Based on our experience, we would recommend the following steps to successfully manage an agency project with Yammer.

Step 1: Create an External Network

Creating an external network provided us with a secure workspace, separate from the rest of the company, so we could easily share information on this specific project. Once the network was created, we invited our agency contacts, as well as our internal team. We could easily add and remove people from the network throughout the project ensuring that information remained secure until we were ready to release.


Step 2: Share files, including videos

For our project, the agency posted completed videos to the main feed for the Marketing team to review. Video files are usually quite large and downloading can take a while. With Yammer, we were able to preview the videos quickly and easily right from the main feed, with no downloading required. We were also able to easily upload script documents and screenshots as needed throughout the project.

Step 3: Consolidate and provide real-time feedback

For this project, there were multiple people involved from the Yammer Marketing team, so we created a Page to consolidate all of our feedback. Once everyone added their feedback to the Page, we would post it to the corresponding video thread. We would also @mention the specific agency contacts, so that an email notification would be sent. This ensured that even if they weren’t used to checking Yammer regularly, they would still know we provided feedback.

Yammer proved to be a great way for us to manage our agency project. Our internal marketing team was able to easily collaborate with multiple agency contacts to successfully create and deliver six videos in a matter of weeks. Curious about how the videos turned out? Check a few of them out and see how Yammer is helping departments across the organization get work done.

Yammer Solutions – IT from Yammer on Vimeo.

Yammer Solutions – Executives from Yammer on Vimeo.

3 Responses to Managing an Agency Project with Yammer

  1. Matteo Fusco says:

    We use Yammer from the other side. I’m working on Beople, a business consulting agency in Italy. We opened external networks for our clients working together with the marketing teams. In this way we keep under control any project, we can codesign our services with client and connecting our consultants with the companies. Yammer is our “plug in” to build a unique team with our clients. Now we are able to manage more than 10 projects in at the same time. Yammer is the key to do that. Thank you!

  2. This is exciting and sounds infinitely powerful!

    Is there a diagram / flow chart that illustrates the external network set-up & communication flows, and how it is different from say a group within a network?

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