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Meet Miguel Zlot, Our August Customer of the Month

By in Testimonials on August 2, 2012

Every month we feature a remarkable Yammer customer, a true champion who has tirelessly worked to make Yammer successful in his / her organization. While case studies focus on companies, their use cases and meeting organizational objectives, the Customer of the Month series celebrates individuals behind these initiatives.

Without further ado, it is my honor to introduce Miguel Zlot, the Solution Architect and Enterprise Social Networking Evangelist at Molson Coors. Miguel has been the driving force behind Molson Coor’s adoption of Yammer and a very active member of the Yammer community, where he stepped up to the challenge of naming our inaugural annual conference YamJam ’12. Here’s Miguel’s story in his own words:

If you ever wanted to see a crazy IT guy running up and down the halls of your corporate office screaming about a new tool that will change that way we work, you should have been in my office in April 2009 when I discovered Yammer.

In the spirit of going viral, it took me about 90 seconds to alert my friend in corporate communications. She was skeptical, but it didn’t take long to convince her, a few other coworkers, and even our CEO, that Yammer was something we needed to pay attention to.

Three years later, we have almost 3,700 users on Yammer from all over the world, and it is growing more each day.

Personally, I am always logged in to Yammer, constantly tuned in to our enterprise social network. Not only is it a great way to stay connected with colleagues from different countries, but it also teaches me something new about our business every day. It could be a story about a new account from our sales team, an update on a marketing campaign that is taking off, or even a video of a new can line at work in one of our breweries.

One of the best features of Yammer is External Networks. At Molson Coors we use several external networks that accomplish different goals. One of the most notable is an external network used by our Canada business to help employees become brand champions. This network is a one-stop shop for all brand, sales rep and key account information. And because the network is external, it allows us to engage with our alumni to both involve them in our brands and encourage them to share legacy knowledge with active employees.

We also use external networks to engage with outside vendors. Recently, we had a large project team use an external network to share milestones, wins and team announcements to keep the team — including external vendors — connected and informed. In the spirit of ‘social’ media, they also added a bit of fun by creating themed topics for each day: Music Monday, Tuesday Tickler (Jokes), Wondrous Wednesday and Thoughtful Thursdays. The site was often visited by a team mascot, Data Monkey, whose adventures around the world were chronicled on Yammer, including pictures with the 2012 London Olympic Torch. (Check out the photos of the Data Monkey in action below.)


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Since “discovering” Yammer in 2009, I’ve seen many success stories. And above all else, I’ve seen the silos of the organization come down, with employees sharing and collaborating at a pace never seen in the enterprise before. As a member of our senior leadership team once said: “Beer is social, why didn’t we create Facebook?” I couldn’t agree more. (Although I believe he meant to say Yammer.)

You can connect with Miguel on LinkedIn and Twitter, and check out his close-up below:



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