22 Apr

Sneak Peek At The Yammer Culture

By in News & Events on April 22, 2011

What is your corporate culture like? Can you describe it in a sentence?

At Yammer, we firmly believe that culture plays a big part in success of internal communication and collaboration. As we develop this platform to help companies communicate and break down silos in their organizations, we are learning from our own use of Yammer. Creating a culture within Yammer can be successful as a platform, has been of utmost priority.

As we discussed in a blogpost earlier this week, the key characteristics of a successful culture are: transparency and openness, knowledge sharing vs. hoarding, authenticity and organizational flatness. We strive to be as open as possible, keeping everyone in the loop on the major happenings and decisions. We discovered that when departments collaborate, magic happens!

As a new employee coming into Yammer, I was able to get up to speed quickly so I could serve our external customers and prospects well. Getting up to speed didn’t mean all the answers; it meant knowing where to get the answers and asking the right questions. Before I knew who people were and what they did, I was able to put a question out there and get the answers quickly. This also helped me figure out who was who and who did what. If you allow for serendipity to happen, you may be surprised at what happens next.

Knowing who people are and what they do may be a challenge for large, distributed organization. It’s also hard for a company that’s growing quickly, and Yammer is a prime example of that kind of company. To make sure we are communicating well and onboarding new people, we use a blend of offline and online techniques. Of course we have Yammer, but we also have a bi-weekly-ish all-hands meeting we fondly call Yammertime. A couple of weeks ago, we even went to House of Air for some trampoline jumping, followed by a yummy dinner, as a teambuilding activity!

Yamsombrero03 So besides being open and transparent, what else is Yammer’s culture like? I’d say it’s a definite meritocracy that values achievement and smarts more than degrees – show us what you can do, don’t talk about it! Because we move at breakneck speed, we value people who can manage information and process it quickly to make decisions. We are also a really fun, young and social group, and we always welcome an opportunity to have some fun together.

We’d love to invite you to connect with us in person, so we are throwing the Fiesta De Yammer for our community. Come check out our new digs, meet our executives and have some fun with us. Ask us anything you want! As an homage to Cinco De Mayo, we are serving Mexican food and margaritas. Oh, and there’s a raffle? Luck, be a Yam tonight!

Oh and one more thing… We are hiring! To get a job here, you don’t need luck — but you do need to bring your “A Game”…

We look forward to welcoming into our home! Please make sure to RSVP to snag your spot!

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