14 Jun

Social Networking for a Small Company Feel but Big Company Reach

By in Testimonials on June 14, 2013

Merlin Information Systems – an IT services provider in the UK with locations all over the world – uses its Yammer network to improve the customer experience and reduce costs through greater efficiency.


  • The network lets employees connect and collaborate across long distances and in many time zones
  • It enables efficiencies ranging from reduced email to faster problem-solving
  • Yammer is enabling Merlin to move to the next frontier: using a social network as a channel for improving customer service

CEO Richard Patterson uses Yammer extensively, “Yammer is a powerful medium for communicating the culture and values of our business.” He continues, “Using the power of social networking to connect people improves the way we work internally and support customers. Yammer gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves as a business.”

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