05 Feb

Supercharge your Yammer Stream with AffinityLive

By in Product Updates on February 5, 2013

What would you get if you combined Yammer, the enterprise social network that transforms companies, and AffinityLive, the all-in-one platform for managing client work? Because of our recent integration, you don’t have to wonder! You can now supercharge your Yammer activity stream by posting select emails with clients to Yammer. Why would you want this, you may think? Simple: it easily provides visibility into your email communications across the company,  boosts team collaboration, allowing you to serve your customer better, while protecting privacy & sensitive information.

We’ve all heard and experienced situations when the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Luckily, Yammer provides a platform to coordinate both hands, but the reality is that sometimes busy people don’t take the time to post. For those of us who’ve spent our work lives relying on email, sharing and working openly can feel like a big behavior shift.  What if you could harness some of the information in your inbox and make it accessible through Yammer in a way that is smart, secure and respects privacy?

How AffinityLive Sync works

  • Load your clients and contacts from virtually anywhere into AffinityLive.  Imports to popular CRM and address book applications make this step fast, easy and automated.
  • Authorize AffinityLive to access your inbox. AffinityLive supports Exchange, Office365, Google Apps and Gmail out of the box, with other connectors available separately. Even better, since there’s no need to configure mail servers, you don’t need to bother the IT department.
  • AffinityLive automatically scans each user’s mailbox to see if there are any new emails to or from clients. If it finds a match, it then applies a special set of privacy and confidentiality rules and indexes the message against the shared client account. If the email is from a personal contact (ie, not in the client database), it is silently ignored.
  • A Facebook like news-feed allows you to view your team’s communication history with a particular client, including attachments, making it much easier to keep coordinated.
  • Any time someone sends an email to a client with sharing preferences turned on, a note is entered in real time into the Yammer Activity Stream in real-time.


AffinityLive Sync makes sure you never have to chase down Tom from Accounting for updates on your client or lose an important email document again. If privacy is a concern, AffinityLive has secure confidentiality settings so that Tom, or anybody else, won’t be able to see the joke emails you’ve been sending to your friends.

Skip, Hop and Tweet to a Win!

The more you spread the word about AffinityLive Sync to colleagues and friends, the better it gets. AffinityLive is sending out a t-shirt, plush kangaroo, and free storage to their favorite tweets about Sync. Just sign up for Sync free, connect to Yammer and craft your best tweet. Include the hashtag #SuperchargeYammer and mention @affinitylive and @yammer. Contest winners will be chosen on February 15th.

Not sure what to tweet? Here’s an example!

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