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21 Oct
Introducing the Yammer Share Button

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Yammer is all about sharing and exchanging information and ideas to foster collaboration and make your work a team effort. Today, we’re launching the Yammer Share Button, a new way for you to share web content with your Yammer…

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15 Oct
Susquehanna Bank’s Yammerversary

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This post was co-authored with Microsoft’s John Pan.


It was Friday, June 13th (yes, Friday the 13th) in Lititz, Pennsylvania, and the chance of showers for the day was 80%. This was the final day of Susquehanna Bank’s “10 Days…

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06 Oct
Are You Connected or Connecting?

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This post was co-authored with Microsoft’s John Pan

It’s becoming increasingly important to get connected and stay connected with colleagues, clients and partners. At New Signature, we use Office 365 to increase productivity, maintain culture and bridge geographical gaps in order to truly “work like a network”….

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