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The Yammer Activity Stream is Suite Indeed

By in News & Events on May 10, 2011

Just minutes ago, at NetSuites’s Suite World, David Sacks and Zach Nelson announced an integration between NetSuite and Yammer. As a result of this integration, records and data within the enterprise (via NetSuite, a system of record), are socialized within the enterprise by being transmitted to an activity steam (via Yammer, a system of engagement). This way, users are able to follow a sales opportunity or a customer record in NetSuite and receive an instant snapshot of NetSuite activity inside Yammer, where they can easily share and discuss with colleagues.

How It Works

In NetSuite, a new SuiteApp called SuiteSocial allows users to automatically ‘socialize’ business data. Users can follow records of interest in NetSuite, and as important activities and updates occur, SuiteSocial content is automatically generated. It is then integrated into and presented to Yammer users as activity stories in Yammer’s new Activity Streams. Activity Streams are currently displayed as a separate feed in Yammer and in the future the most relevant stories will be elevated into the user’s primary feed.



Yammer Activity Streams

The NetSuite integration is the first sneak peak into our vision for Yammer Activity Streams. We see these activity streams as a social fabric unifying enterprise systems of record and enterprise systems of engagement. Activity streams will aggregate activity stories from a wide variety of enterprise applications, of which NetSuite is the first. Now you can easily keep track of important activities happening across the enterprise. You can:

  • Follow records, accounts, or specific fields within a variety of enterprise systems – from CRM, ERP, collaboration tools, to directory systems – to stay informed of changes
  • Quickly take action right within Yammer
  • Activity stories generated within Yammer will also appear in the Yammer Activity Streams tab.

With Yammer activity streams, you can discover new groups to join, topics to follow, and applications to install. Yammer activity stories are generated when relevant colleagues:

  • Join a Yammer group
  • Follow a topic in Yammer
  • Add or change profile information in Yammer
  • Install a Yammer application

Yammer Activity Streams will be displayed as a separate feed, with the most relevant stories elevated into the user’s primary feed. This design will help users manage their feeds better and focus on the most relevant stories first.

Yammer Activity Streams are expected to launch in Q2 followed by the NetSuite integration in early Q3. The Yammer Activity Stories API is expected to be made available to all third-party developers in Q3.

    6 Responses to The Yammer Activity Stream is Suite Indeed

    1. Chris says:

      Love the integration. Has there been any talks about being able to integrate KPIs? Would it be possible to link KPI’s within Netsuite to specific Yammer groups? That would be a HUGE help in keeping management fully informed with the latest and greatest data.

      • Maria says:

        So far, no detailed talks yet. What kinds of KPIs would be helpful to you? Tell me about your use cases — would love to get an idea of what you are looking for!

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    3. Michelle says:

      Where can I find this app to integrate Netsuite and Yammer – can’t seem to find it in the SuiteApps page.

      Many thanks

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