15 Feb

Transform The Way We Work Together

By in Tips & Guides on February 15, 2013

Today, most enterprise software reinforces silos that inhibit information and stifle collaboration.

At Yammer, we believe an open workplace is a better workplace — where more conversations happen in the open, sharing information across teams is the norm, and collaboration is a constant.

We’ve put together this infographic based on how our customers are using Yammer. They’re getting their teams on the same page, empowering their employees, becoming more agile to change, and connecting their organizations. How can you transform the way you work with Yammer?

4 Responses to Transform The Way We Work Together

  1. Ed Dodds says:

    So then i guess the locial question is: Can Yammer prodcue infographics on the fly?

  2. James says:

    Are there defined best practices for yammer and share point working together? If yes, can you share?

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