18 Apr

We Are What We Build

By in News & Events on April 18, 2012

Our vision is to change the way people work, and in reaching this vision, we are impacting the way we ourselves work and relate to one another. On a daily basis, we live the values of transparency, sharing and teamwork, and Yammer the product is instrumental in how Yammer the company is able to uphold these values. Our culture is strong, as a result of the hiring decisions we make, and because of how we work together. We are inspired by each other daily and are driven by a huge goal of revolutionizing the workplace, in an environment where we can be ourselves, follow our passions and talents, learn from others and contribute in a meaningful way.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out our employees’ stories in their own words in the video below and on the Engineering blog.

We welcome to join us in our quest to change the way the world works!

3 Responses to We Are What We Build

  1. […] At Yammer, we are driven by the desire to change the way the world works; nothing short of that.  Yammer’s purpose is to make companies more open, transparent, agile and able to deal with rapid change. In the end, we engender these values ourselves — we are what we build. […]

  2. sandra says:

    can you draft me the yammer acceptable use policy
    and do s and dont s

    • Maria says:

      Sandra: if you dont’ have a usage policy, your CSM may be able to help you with a sample one that you should repurpose to your own, with the help of your legal department.

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