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Yammer And SharePoint: A Love Story

By in Product Updates on July 11, 2011

At Yammer, we’ve always believed in uniting the social power of Yammer with SharePoint’s document management and collaboration power. We’re constantly improving this integration, bringing more robust social collaboration features to the market. Today, we are announcing a new version: the Yammer SharePoint 3.0 Web Part adds a highly secure, real-time social layer to the native SharePoint platform, making it social, mobile, and engaging for enterprise employees.

In addition to the features already available in the previous version of the Web Part, Yammer SharePoint 3.0 includes a host of new functionality that further enhances SharePoint as a powerful collaboration tool:

  • Notification alerts help users keep track of important messages, drawing users into conversations happening within SharePoint and driving more frequent engagement with SharePoint content.
  • Profile sync allows users to import profile information from SharePoint into Yammer, eliminating the need to complete two profiles. Coupled with unified search, which allows users to simultaneously search SharePoint and Yammer content from within SharePoint, profile sync makes it easier for users to locate and connect with experts within an organization.
  • In addition to posting documents, users can now post other list items such as calendar events and tasks from SharePoint to their Yammer feed.
  • Light embeddable feeds make it easy for customers to disperse simple versions of the Yammer feed across numerous SharePoint pages.

Yammer for SharePoint supports more responsive, flexible organizations by enabling workers to collaborate and contribute regardless of location. By using the Yammer mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile, users can stay connected to important conversations and projects within SharePoint while on the go.

Yammer SharePoint 3.0 Key Features

  • View My Feed, Company Feed and Group Feeds
  • Post, reply and like messages
  • Attach files and links
  • Get notification alerts for new Yammer messages, @ replies and likes*
  • Profile sync: Sync your SharePoint profile information with Yammer, eliminating the need to complete two profiles*
  • Document and list item integration: Post documents and other list items such as calendar events and tasks directly from SharePoint to Yammer*
  • Unified search: Search SharePoint and Yammer content simultaneously from within SharePoint. Yammer message results are displayed alongside SharePoint results.
  • Light embeddable feeds*
  • Admin configurations
  • Single Sign On

* Indicates new features not available in previous versions of Yammer SharePoint Web Part

The Yammer SharePoint 3.0 Web Part is included in Yammer’s premium offering and will be available in Q3 2011. Easy to manage with rich IT administrative capabilities for control, customization and compliance, Yammer for SharePoint takes minutes to deploy and transitions easily between SharePoint 2007 and 2010. Yammer ensures customer success through a dedicated support team with expertise in managing Yammer pilots, deployments and structured roll-outs across organizations. Because Yammer is EU Safe Harbor compliant, customers can maintain enterprise-grade security while enhancing their SharePoint experience with Yammer.

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22 Responses to Yammer And SharePoint: A Love Story

  1. Carry Megens says:

    Will Yammer for SharePoint work in Office365 SharePoint?

    • Maria says:

      It’s a possibility, but nothing firm has been decided yet.
      Thanks for the question!
      - @themaria – Yammer’s Head of Community

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  3. Mike Freeman says:

    2 questions…
    How does Yammer integrate with SharePoint team sites if at all?

    Also – does Yammer have any expertise scoring capabilities? I know you can manual badge colleagues but how do you score, find and recognize experts?

    • Maria says:

      Hi MIke,

      Thanks for your questions.

      1) Re: SharePoint team sites: we integrate with team sites in the sense that you can add the web part to any web part enabled page in that team site.

      2) Re: the expertise scoring capabilities: we don’t have a scoring mechanism yet. We do have an open API through which you can build a connection to another tool that does that. Here are some tips on how to find experts:
      * Join groups and track conversations there, identifying experts.
      * Do some searches around topics you are interested in, find topics (marked by the # hashtag sign) and follow them.
      * Ask a question and see who answers it :)

      Thanks for your contribution
      - @themaria – Yammer’s Head of Community

      • Aaron G says:

        What activities and events can Yammer pick up from SharePoint? Is there a list documented somewhere? Also how tight is the integration with Team Sites? Yammer has Groups and SharePoint has Team Sites. Isn’t this duplication?

        • Sam Goertler says:

          Any activity auto-generated in SharePoint can be delivered to Ticker in Yammer. This includes the following activity stories:
          Status Message
          Tagging by my colleague
          Note Board post
          Tagging with my interests
          Job title change
          Manager change
          New blog post
          New membership
          Sharing Interests
          Upcoming birthday
          Upcoming workplace anniversary
          Workplace anniversary
          New colleague
          Profile update

          While Yammer groups are great collaboration spaces on their own, we recognize that many companies already collaborate in SharePoint Team Sites. By integrating, we allow users to maximize the power of enterprise social networking without disrupting their existing workflows.The integration runs deep – users can install a Yammer Web Part on the Team Site to access group feeds, track message notifications, share documents and list items, and more.

          • Aanchal says:

            I am looking to enebale the bday reminder feature that you mentioned here, but could find any documentation on how to enable it. Any idea ?

  4. Teri says:

    Does Yammer ever plan to offer a “beyond premium” version that can be put on an intranet/WAN that hosts one or more SharePoint enclave(s) but doesn’t connect to the Internet?

    • Maria says:

      Hi Teri!

      Great question. To use Yammer, you do have to be online, as it’s a 100% SaaS product. I’m happy to have someone reach out to you to discuss options. Email me your email address to maria (at) yammer-inc (dot) com

      - Maria

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  6. How about Single Sign On for the users who already signed-in to SharePoint portal & want to see feeds from Yammer webpart?

    • Drew Dillon says:

      Users with both accounts in Yammer and SharePoint never need to sign in. This is part of our “auto-login” feature.

      • Rupali says:

        Hi Drew,

        My SharePoint users can see the company feeds, althougth, are not able to post. Yammer Login looks not working in web part, but works on Yammer site.
        It just hangs on click of login.
        Can you suggest the forum – where I can get the solution?

        • Sanatan says:


          Did you find a solution for this issue? Even we are having the same issue. When the page is loaded Yammer Login is displayed and once Login button is clicked it just hangs and doesn’t do anything.

          Your prompt reply would be appreciated.


          • Maria says:

            If you file a support ticket at help.yammer.com or by emailing help@yammer.com, we’ll diagnose the problem and help you better than we can in the comments. Please attach whatever screenshots you can.

            Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

            - Maria

  7. Kory says:

    I am interested in how this how this gets deployed? Can it be deployed via a SharePoint 2010 Sandbox solution? Or does it require a SharePoint Farm level solution deployment?

    • Drew Dillon says:

      We have a farm solution for SharePoint 2010 today and will be offering a sandbox solution as part of our 365 offering. Likely this will be towards the end of Q4/early Q1.

  8. Nelson Saenz says:

    We are using the free version of Yammer with the possibility of integrating with our Sharepoint environment. We love the mobile access to Yammer via the apps. Is that same level of access possible with the Sharepoint add ons?

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  10. Mathieu Valmont says:

    Is it possible to integrate Yammer with SharePoint Foundation?
    If so, is there some restrictions or missing features with this integration?

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