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Yammer Content Goes Social: Introducing Ticker, Pages, and Files

By in Product Updates on November 9, 2011

Today represents a major milestone – a truly exciting day for Yammer users and Yammer employees alike. Ever since its launch in 2008, Yammer has been on a mission to enable a more open, collaborative and connected enterprise that’s agile enough to respond to the demands of today’s business world.

In the beginning, it was about connecting people and conversations. Earlier this year, with the introduction of the Activity Stream API, we extended Yammer to also encompass business data. Now, with the launch of three pivotal features – Ticker, Yammer Pages, and Yammer Files – Yammer makes content social, bringing together business people, conversations, data, and content into a single interface optimized for social discovery. These new features will allow users to create, share and discover content while collaborating on projects and receiving updates from other business applications in real-time.

Surface Relevant Information in Real-time with Ticker:

Imagine if you could see what your colleagues are working on right now. You could quickly and easily discover interesting business content, eliminate duplication of work, and increase opportunities to collaborate. Ticker is a powerful social discovery engine that lets you do just that: View real-time activity across the company as its happening, surfacing relevant stories around people, content and third-party business applications to drive productivity.

Key Features:

  • Yammer-Generated Stories: Discover relevant activity across your Yammer network as it’s happening, such as: creating/editing/publishing a page, uploading a File, joining a Group, and downloading a Yammer mobile or desktop application.
  • Stories Generated in Other Business Applications: Access a superset of activity streams from business applications such as SharePoint, Salesforce, Netsuite, Box.net, Badgeville, Spigit, Tripit, Brightidea, Zendesk, Expensify, and any other enterprise application using the Yammer Activity Stream API.

Collaborate Faster and Better with Pages:

What do you get when you combine the open nature of wikis, the real-time collaborative editing of Google Docs, and the advanced social capabilities of Yammer? You get Yammer Pages!

With Yammer Pages, you can compile meeting notes, brainstorm ideas, collaboratively draft up content, display company reference materials, and much more. Making a Page is as easy as creating a document, and you can even edit with coworkers in real-time and make them socially discoverable across the company.

Key Features:

  • Rich Page Editor: Create and edit Pages with coworkers no matter where they are. Invite collaborators and view character-by-character changes in real-time as others make edits to a Page.
  • Rich Page Viewer: View the contents of a Page along with related conversations, content, and people in one place. You can also follow a Page to receive updates when new versions are available. You can think of it as a profile for a Page, similar to a user profile.
  • Group Pages Tab: View all Pages created within a specific group.
  • Pages Directory: View all Pages to which you have access within the entire network.
  • Page Selector: From the publisher, select a Page from a repository of all Pages to which you have access inside your network and attach it to a conversation.

Files Are More Social Than Ever:

File sharing isn’t new to Yammer. You’ve always been able to upload a file and attach it to a conversation. Now Yammer Files bring a new level of collaboration to your documents, images, and videos. Now you can also quickly share new or previously uploaded files in the context of projects, keep track of file versions, accelerate discovery, and even integrate with existing content management systems.

Key Features:

  • Rich File Viewer: View the contents of a File along with related conversations, content, and people in one place. You can also follow a File to receive updates when new versions are uploaded. You can think of it as a profile for a File, similar to a user profile.
  • Group Files Tab: View all Files created in a specific group.
  • Files Directory: View all Files to which you have access within the entire network.
  • File Selector: From the publisher, select a File from a repository of all Files to which you have access inside your network and attach it to a conversation.
  • Integrate with Existing Systems: Automatically share file-related activity via Ticker to accelerate discovery and increase opportunities to collaborate. See Ticker section below.

Ticker, Pages, and Files are available immediately on Yammer.com, for free. We encourage you to try these new features today to better understand what it means to make content social, and experience the benefits of a connected enterprise.

31 Responses to Yammer Content Goes Social: Introducing Ticker, Pages, and Files

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  2. Cheated User says:


    I’m trying to delete my admin account and I’ve never recieve any answer… Don’t know what to do. I feel completly cheated.

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  4. Confused User says:

    It seems like the File feature is taking away functionality. I used to be able to upload a file to a group and everyone could see it automatically. Now it seems like if I add a file, I have to identify each person that it should be shared with, and I don’t have the option of selecting an entire group. Is that correct?

    • Maria says:

      Hello! That doesn’t seem right. You can upload a file to any group you wish (directly or by adding it to a thread). People in the group will get it in their feed. Of course, you can always @ mention each person whom you definitely want to see it :)

      Let us know if you have any questions, and if something isn’t functioning properly, please email us at help@yammer-inc.com

  5. Sarah says:

    I just created a couple of dummy pages to play with Pages. Now I would like to delete them but don’t see a way to do that. Help?

    • Maria says:


      Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Currently, you can’t delete pages, but we will add this functionality. If you no longer want a page, we recommend you “recycle” them by removing the body and changing the title to “blank page.” That way, when someone wants to create a page, they can just use this “container.”

      Thank you!

      – Maria

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! A few more questions:
        – Will there be functionality to add tables within a page? And to tag pages with Topics? And to view the HTML source to do more sophisticated editing?
        – Will the page content be indexed/searchable within our Yammer site?

      • Matt Bunce says:

        I can’t seem to do this. When I try to edit a page created by a fellow admin – I don’t see their content (just a blank page).

        Also, they attached a file to the page – how do I remove that?

        Thanks :)

        • Steph says:

          Any idea when we will be able to delete pages? Seems messy that we can create but not ever delete them?

          • Maria says:

            This functionality is coming in the next revision of Pages, in first half of 2012. Thank you for your patience! In the meantime, a workaround we’ve been recommending is to “recycle” pages by deleting the text of the Page and replacing the title with “Empty Page”. It’s not ideal, but an interim solution until deletion is possible.

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  7. Uwe Punch says:

    Please let me disable the activity stream. it shows activities that are more than 2 months old and that whole feature is pretty useless anyway. It is disturbing my field of vision.

  8. Jere Majava says:

    The new pages are superb! There are just a few features that I’m currently missing:
    – Version history (coming, I hope?)
    – Full screen editor
    – Ability to change the background color for the user (I was just editing a page with a colleague and we both had very similar cyan backgrounds which made it difficult to really tell them apart)

    • Maria says:

      Thank you, Jere!

      Version history is coming in future versions. We have no plans to add the full screen editor or ability to change the highlight color assigned to each collaborator in a Page. To note: we just released an update where you can toggle your own color on and off, so that your own changes don’t appear highlighted with a color. That being said, I’m not sure if you can change how you see other people’s changes.


      – Maria

  9. Hi,
    Are the new features available on any of the mobile apps?

  10. Hi Yammer,
    Yammer is beautiful.
    But Pages doesn’t seem to work at all. After creating a page things get totally stuck.
    Is Pages only available for premium users?
    The messages below appear at the bottom of the page window … ‘Try Again’ button is not active. What’s going on here? Thx.

    Reestablishing connection…
    We’re sorry but we lost connection with the server.
    We’re sorry but we lost connection with the server.
    This Page is open in another window.
    We’re sorry but we lost connection with the server.
    We’re sorry but we lost connection with the server.
    You do not have permission to edit this Page.
    You do not have permission to edit this Page.
    Try Again.

  11. Suyash says:

    Is there any way to tag a page to “topic”

    • Maria says:

      Currently can’t do it from the body of the Page. Your best bet would be to create a comment after you publish the Page, where you can add the topic.

  12. Is there a possibility to insert a .JPG in Pages? Or is it only possible to link a .jpeg?

    • Maria says:

      You can attach a JPG from your computer or reuse a file already used elsewhere on your Yammer network. That creates a link to the file’s page, which retains all revision history and conversations around that file. That’s the standard of how we treat files with the most recent Yammer release.

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  14. Jemima Bayly says:

    Is it possible to create a template for a page. e.g. a background, graphic etc. We would like to use pages for a newsletter type functionality, and would like to be able to visually distinguish from other pages.
    Thanks Yammer

    • Maria says:

      Hello Jemima! Great seeing you here, and thank you for asking the question. Such a great idea to use Pages to spread news throughout the organization. As far as customization, it’s not something we have planned. For design customization, Files are probably better. With latest enhancements to how we display files, you are now able to retain and access the entire conversation history around that file. Please let us know if you need anything else.

      – Maria

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