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Yammer Featured Partner: Mindflash

By in Product Updates on October 2, 2012

We are pleased to announce a new series, Yammer Featured Partner, aimed at highlighting our integration partners with regularity. We have been hard at work building out a robust network of partner integrations, and continue to add more partners each month. Every two weeks we will feature a different partner, on the blog and on Facebook, to help you learn more about that featured partner, explain the integration and highlight effective uses. Also, keep your eyes out on Twitter for partner-sponsored contests and webinars!

We’re excited to kick off this series with our first Featured Partner, Mindflash. Mindflash makes training easy, by providing companies and individuals tools to build comprehensive training programs.

The problem with traditional methods of training is two-fold. Firstly, employees may not understand how to gain access to valuable training resources. They may be unaware that resources exist or unable to find them. Secondly, training coordinators managing a large number of trainees may struggle with distributing material, as well as tracking training results and progress.

Mindflash solves these problems by providing a comprehensive platform to host your training resources. Training quizzes and materials are simple to build with Mindflash’s tools, even allowing you to build upon existing resources! Trainers can easily track training results and progress through Mindflash.

With its Yammer integration, Mindflash now makes its training more social and accessible for users, and easier to manage and track for training coordinators. Trainers can now raise visibility of courses through the Activity Stream Ticker and notifications, resulting in increased awareness. Using Yammer Pages, trainers can create discoverable catalogs of courses and training materials, which can be easily iterated upon. Users no longer have to look for training resources; they can discover relevant training updates through the Ticker, Pages and Files.

Training becomes social as users can share their scores, comment on courses, ask questions and share practical applications of theory. Through a consistent feedback loop, trainers can now evolve their training content as they gain insight into frequently asked questions, trainees’ educational needs and pain points. Mindflash trainers can also increase participation in their classes because they can now identify and invite trainees right from the Yammer contact list.

We drink our own champagne at Yammer, and have been using Mindflash to manage our own employee and customer training programs with great success. Read all about our experience here .

If you are interested in Mindflash and this integration, we encourage you sign up , or contact Mindflash with any questions you may have.

Addionally, we’re inviting you to join us for a webinar to dig into just how beneficial Mindflash and Yammer can be:

What: Mindflash/Yammer Webinar
When: Tuesday, October 9 10:00AM – 10:30AM PDT
Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/929306752

3 Responses to Yammer Featured Partner: Mindflash

  1. Donna Wells says:

    We drink our own champagne at Mindflash, too! We use Yammer all-day, everyday to keep our HQ and remote employees in sync and in touch. It’s a big reason why we launched our Yammer app. Please check us out by starting a trial today, using your Yammer credentials, and/or by attending our Webinar next Tuesday.

  2. pieter says:

    The Youtube is “private” and I cannot see it…….

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