18 Apr

Yammer Featured Partner: The Social Radio

By in Product Updates on April 18, 2013

Stay updated on your Yammer network as new messages come into the feed. Our new integration with The Social Radio provides Yammer users a unique offering: to listen to their Yammer messages, read aloud through The Social Radio interface.

The Social Radio reads new Yammer messages, polls, events and praise as they come through the feed, while you simultaneously listen to music. To use, just sign in to The Social Radio using your Yammer credentials and The Social Radio will begin reading your Yammer messages. If you hear something worth checking into – pop over to your Yammer feed to read more about it or join the conversation.

The Social Radio’s team participated in Yammer’s Hackathon last year and built the first prototype of the integration. Since then it’s been onward and upward!

“We launched our first app 1 year ago, and we’ve been focusing on Twitter because we wanted to do only one thing to make it great. Building the integration with Yammer was really challenging for us because it’s not just 140 characters. We choose Yammer to be our second social network because it’s would be huge to allow employees to be updated while they can focus on what they are working on” says Roberto Gluck, CEO of The Social Radio.

The main goal is to allow users to experience Yammer, and stay updated on their feed, while they are working on something else. The app is available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German with male and female voices.

Currently, the Yammer integration is only available on the web, but support for mobile apps is coming soon.

To try it sign in with Yammer here.


2 Responses to Yammer Featured Partner: The Social Radio

  1. Mayray says:

    This is a great social radio site. Keep it up, guys.

    University of Nigeria

  2. Joe Romero says:

    I love Yammer because it’s a step above instant messaging and more appropriate for internal working environments than any other social networking site.

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