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Yammer Is Coming To An iPad Near You

By in News & Events on March 4, 2011

This post was written by Maria Ogneva, the Head of Community at Yammer

Apple announced its iPad2 this week, and it’s thinner, faster, lighter and slicker than its predecessor, with front and back cameras for video conferencing. Even with the first iPad, business users have been the most significant user group, according to Forbes. Usage and testing started out with about 50% of Fortune100 companies, and now it’s as high as 80%. Improved size, weight, speed and video conferencing capabilities will make it even more desirable for business travelers. At Yammer, we are building an internal social network that’s powered by humans; it exists to fuel human communication in the workplace. Since today’s workers are increasingly mobile, we are always cognizant of solving their pain points where they are; since they are using the iPad, that’s where we are going to be. And so, we are very busily developing a Yammer iPad app that’s powerful and flexible, with the mobile worker in mind.

As businesses struggle to always be “on” and employees are always on the go, mobile applications have become ubiquitous in the workplace. Due to the demands of the modern marketplace, we are no longer clocking in and out between 9 and 5. Globally distributed teams and traveling teams need to collaborate better. Even internal teams who stay “put” undergo significant changes to their internal process in response to the immediacy and transparency of the social web. Thus, a need for mobile collaboration devices is more pronounced today than ever. A recent CMS Wire article states this type of collaboration as one of the top 3 things that must exist on a mobile device:

“Mobile devices must… Allow people to follow what their colleagues are working on with “Twitter-style” updates, within the secure confines of the corporate communications environment”.

I go to conferences all the time, and I’ve been able to observe that a significant portion of all note-taking, tweeting and web-based activity is done via an iPad. Although inadequate for hard-core content creation, iPad is wonderful for native apps that provide a rich feature set without having to browse mobile web — such as checking and responding to emails, tweets, Facebook messages, and perusing publishing apps like Flipboard. This is why we are hard at work creating a native Yammer application for the iPad that will have some of the major functionality that you are used to in the web application and desktop app.


The Yammer iPad app will give you a clean left toolbar to access the most common functions, such as: my feed, direct messages, @ mentions, unread message counts, RSS feeds, bookmarks, groups, profiles, company directory, and others. Each message in the feed is fully threaded can be expanded to include all responses within a thread, with the ability to drill down on each team member’s profile view. The new app will track and display read vs. unread messages. Just like with the current iPhone app, you can toggle between networks.

Imagine a scenario where you are flying to a conference and need to take a quick pulse-check on the major happenings in the organization — you are demoing the product, and need to make sure you have the freshest news. The Yammer iPad app can provide you that gut-check while you are still seated in your airplane seat. What if you are traveling to see a client and are stuck answering a difficult question? What if you have just one hour to find an answer and don’t even know who in your organization can provide that answer? Just pop the question in the Yammer app, @ mention some people you think may have the answer, and watch the smart responses pour in.  Maybe you are in charge or your company’s website, and someone discovers that it’s down while you are traveling by a commuter train. They can post a yam, which you can discover immediately and alert the right people to take action before you get to the office. Or maybe you are a social media junkie like me, in charge of the company’s social media health… You can use Yammer for crisis communication in the unfortunate event the site goes down, always having the right answer for your Twitter followers.

These use cases are many, and you are only limited by your imagination. What would you use your Yammer iPad app for?

22 Responses to Yammer Is Coming To An iPad Near You

  1. PetCro says:

    Yammer on iPad #yam

  2. Puckoon says:

    So when?

  3. Mayson Lancaster says:

    I think you misread the Forbes aricle: the 50% and 80% refer to the number of Forbes 100 companies that are using or testing the iPad, not the percentage of business users, which is certainly much smaller.

  4. Maria Ogneva says:

    Yes, you are correct! Thank you for pointing it out, I fixed it.

  5. Maria Ogneva says:

    We don’t have a firm date at this point, but we expect about 2 months. We’ll keep everyone updated via Twitter.

  6. This is great news and I am excited to see Yammer in the native iPad space. It sounds like ease of use is on the forefront of this new app. This of course will keep the rest of the employees in the know and extend our experiences one more way.

  7. Aaron says:

    Several million business users of the iPad will have access to what will likely be a smart, intuitive, and downright useful way to interface with Yammer…

    This elite minority stands in contrast to billions of PC users and hundreds of millions of Outlook users who are stuck using their browser for a well-done, but far from native or integrated solution…

    Come on, I know the iPad has Cool Factor x1000! but look at your own usage statistics! How much Yammer use is happening from a computer vs. iPad, has the iPad even hit 1%?

    We tried using Yammer, (I still want it to work for us!) but without integration with our existing means of communication, it was just another layer of duplication!

    I’m likely to become a paying subscriber to the first Office Networking site that offers a great native client and/or Outlook integration. At this point, I don’t care if it’s from Yammer, Podio, or another, but I am frustrated with how much money companies are throwing into making Apple more successful, when they represent a really small piece of the market!

  8. Maria Ogneva says:

    Hi Aaron, thank you for your comment!

    You make a good point. From going to our customers’ sites, we are seeing a very high rate of proliferation of iPads, so it’s definitely a big area of focus for us. That being said, being where our customers are is paramount for us. The whole point is to make our users’ lives easier, and given how mobile our lives are, the Yammer app needs to be, well… mobile. Although we can’t build on every platform in the very near future, we do have an open API, and our users do build their own Yammer apps. We even have a developer advocate to ensure that they get the most out of it.

    For our Outlook users, we actually do have Sharepoint integration — I encourage you check it out!

    Thank you for your comment!

  9. liuhy says:

    I am excited to see Yammer in the native iPad space.

  10. me says:

    Would love to use yammer for the iPad because at the office we still use ie6.
    The yammer web client is just damn slow on ie6. Also the iPhone yammer app crashes when installing on an iPad…

  11. Ed Steenhoek says:

    2 months? Is next week an option? 😉

    I’m missing a working iPad app for as long as I use Yammer. It effectively degraded my use of Yammer.

    BUT it is really good news that it will be there in the near future.

  12. sai says:

    You mentioned flipboard, why not expose Apis and let apps like flipboard interact with yammer before building your own native app?

  13. Maria Ogneva says:

    Hi Christopher, thank you for your patience! It’s coming soon! Almost ready :)

  14. Maria Ogneva says:

    May I also suggest our desktop apps? https://www.yammer.com/about/applications Assuming that you can install them, they can be pretty fast, and an alternative to the web version

  15. Maria Ogneva says:

    Great question! Actually, we have an open API – documentation is here http://developer.yammer.com/api. We are lucky in that our developer community has developed awesome apps and plugins for the Yammer platform https://www.yammer.com/about/applications, and we are definitely investing in our developer relations, and of course are always open to feedback from the community on what they want to see built.

    Thanks for your comment!

  16. TC says:

    Totally agree Flipboard should be an absolute priority! With millions invested in Flipboard it is the obvious choice.

  17. Dick Nieuwenhuis says:

    If you need volunteers to test a new Yammer app on iPad2 tell me.

  18. Ron says:

    And when can I use Yammer on my iPad? The iPhone app doesn’t work?…

  19. Matt H says:

    Yammer via Flipboard is what I want!

  20. Luis M. says:

    Yammer folks, getting yammer integration on Flipboard is a no-brainer. Why hasen’t it happened yet?

    • Maria says:

      Hi Luis, thank you for the suggestion. Although we wish we could build multiple integrations, we do have to prioritize, and there are a few other priorities ahead of this. We’ll address this when we are able to.

      The best way to suggest product enhancements and track their status is via feedback.yammer.com. Please feel free to suggest it there.

      Thank you!

  21. Tony says:

    I am currently evaluating Yammer for our company and we want to make heavy use of our iPads. However, it seems that I cannot access files via the iPad. Am I missing something? Will the iPad app allow me to download, edit, then upload files via the iPad?


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